"I've been seeing Niki for about 2 months now and would highly recommend her. She listened to what I wanted to achieve and with some hard work I reached my goals very quickly. The sessions are always different so I don't get bored and I love the fact that she comes to my house - there's no excuse to not exercise then! She always makes me feel comfortable and is very knowledgeable. On top of all of this she's very reasonably priced! If you're in two minds about whether to try her - do it. You won't be disappointed! Thanks Niki for all of your hard work (and the early mornings!)"


"Nikki is amazing... I am a complete beginner, I don't workout ever!!! And had my first PT session the other day, She really is helpful and easy going, I can literally see the difference even after the first session. Even though I'm in pain from such a good workout, but hey no pain no gain. I didn't think I would do so much in one session. Will defo recommend her."


"I Love going to Niki's class, so much fun and great to be in a women's only class. Niki knows the areas that women want to work on so good focus on arms, abs and bum. I also work with Niki as my personal trainer and she has given me great support in achieving my goals including diet planning and home exercises."


"I love Niki's fitness class! I have been going once a week for about a year. The effects have been amazing- I'm nicely toned in all the important places- bum, tummy, arms and legs! And my cardio fitness and strength has increased a lot. Even my balance and coordination have improved. Niki does a really effective warm up to get you ready, and a warm down that ensures you leave relaxed and have no strains.She increases the 'difficulty' as you train with her, so you're always improving and challenging yourself. She pushes you to achieve but is always supportive and fun. And if you have a particular issue like back pain she's always able to suggest suitable alternative exercises and give guidance. I would thoroughly recommend Niki and this class."        


"Niki's workouts are amazing. With a bit of a dodgy back Niki always makes sure there's an easier option if I need to take it. Really enjoyable classes but also work you where it counts! I also asked for nutritional advice and since following Niki's 'Get Lean Eating Plan'   I am much more aware of what I eat, portion size & the importance of eating enough protein, I have lost 5lbs without being on a 'diet'."


"I have been coming to Niki's classes since January 2014. I was fairly new to this type of exercise and I am really loving it! I feel stronger and fitter and for the first time in my life have noticed muscle definition!! Niki makes the classes fun and friendly, she makes us work hard and keeps us motivated and is very encouraging along with playing some good tunes to work out to! Thanks Niki!"


"I have been going to Niki's Total Body Workout classes for over 4years. My fitness levels have increased dramatically and my body is a lot more toned, especially my abs which is my favourite, Niki does an amazing ab workout! Niki is very welcoming and friendly and makes you feel comfortable. All the other ladies that go a super lovely too and we all get on really well, I will carry on going to her classes and I recommend them to anyone who wants to gain fitness and lose weight whilst in a nice non intimidating environment."