Niki Powell Fitness

personal training

Whatever your motivation for change, I will use my knowledge and expertise to guide and support you to achieve your personal goals.

I use a range of effective training methods to create a truly customised workout, ensuring my clients exercise in the most effective, safe and beneficial way, for results that speak for themselves.

I train my clients in the comfort of their homes or in a favourite outdoor location. I bring with me a fun, dynamic, effective workout plan, the equipment needed and all the guidance and motivation you need to help you achieve your goals.


Hourly Rate Peak Time: 1:1 £45 or 2:1 £55
(6-9am, 4-8pm week days and anytime at the weekend)

Hourly Rate Off Peak Time: 1:1 £30 or 2:1 £40
(Week days 9am-4pm)




Transform yourself with Pilates. Awaken and strengthen your core through mindful, controlled, consciously performed movements, uniting the body and mind.

Pilates works to strengthen the body from the inside out, targeting the deep postural muscles of the core, which stabilize and protect the spine.  When practiced regularly Pilates rebalances and re-educates the body into perfect alignment. Pilates is a safe, low impact, form of exercise which is suitable for all levels of fitness and ability.

Pilates is particularly beneficial for those seeking relief from back and/or joint pain, postnatal recovery, abdominal toning and strengthening, recovery from injury. If you are unsure about whether Pilates is suitable for you, please feel free to get in touch.

"Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit"   

J H Pilates

Pay per class £10

Block Bookings 6 week block £51 (£8.50 per session)

hiit and core for women

For Women Only. This class is proven to melt fat, tone and define the entire body and strengthen the core. This highly effective workout uniquely combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), dynamic body weight exercises and Pilates, to create a lean, defined, feminine physique.

Wednesday 7pm Willow Dance Studio at St Werburghs Primary School (willow site)

Saturday 8.45am-10am Matter Wholefoods, Greenbank rd, BS56EZ.

£8 drop on or book via Move GB

Class Schedule


Monday 6.30 pm              Beginners,  St Anne’s Church Hall, St Leonards rd, Greenbank, BS5 6JN

Monday 7.35pm               Intermediate, St Anne’s Church Hall, St Leonards rd, Greenbank, BS5 6JN

Wednesday 10am Mixed Ability, Easton Community Cente, Kilburn St, BS5 6AW

Thursday 6.30pm             Beginners, St Anne’s Church Hall, St Leonards rd, Greenbank, BS5 6JN

Thursday 7.35pm             Intermediate, St Anne’s Church Hall, St Leonards rd, Greenbank, BS5 6JN

Friday 10.30am Mixed Ability, Matter Wholefoods, 1 Greenbank rd, BS5 6EZ

hiit and core for women

Wednesday 7pm               St Werburghs Primary School, Willow Site, James Street,

St Werburghs, BS2 9US

Saturday 8.45-10am         Matter Wholefoods Fitness Studio, 1 Greenbank rd,

Greenbank BS5 6EZ



" Niki’s workouts are amazing. With a bit of a dodgy back Niki always makes sure there’s an easier option if I need to take it. Really enjoyable classes but also work you where it counts! I also asked for nutritional advice and since following Niki’s ‘Get Lean Eating Plan’ I am much more aware of what I eat, portion size & the importance of eating enough protein, I have lost 5lbs without being on a ‘diet’. "
“I have been going to Niki’s Total Body Workout classes for over 4years. My fitness levels have increased dramatically and my body is a lot more toned, especially my abs which is my favourite, Niki does an amazing ab workout! Niki is very welcoming and friendly and makes you feel comfortable. All the other ladies that go a super lovely too and we all get on really well, I will carry on going to her classes and I recommend them to anyone who wants to gain fitness and lose weight whilst in a nice non intimidating environment.”
“I have been coming to Niki’s classes since January 2014. I was fairly new to this type of exercise and I am really loving it! I feel stronger and fitter and for the first time in my life have noticed muscle definition!! Niki makes the classes fun and friendly, she makes us work hard and keeps us motivated and is very encouraging along with playing some good tunes to work out to! Thanks Niki!”